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As a webmaster, I can’t stress the importance of web hosting enough. It’s one of those aspects of your website you do not want to skimp.

Web hosting is the backbone of your site. Ensuring the quality of your web host is absolutely crucial with today’s high standards for SEO and user experience.

You can have the best looking site with killer content and it won’t matter if your website is slow. Search engines will penalize your rankings and real-time visitors will bounce due to low patience and higher expectations. You want your audience to have a seamless experience without a hiccup.

As a web admin, it is your responsibility to secure a rock-solid web hosting plan.

If you were to ask me right now, what is the best WordPress hosting provider for the money? I’d say WP Engine without a doubt if you can swing $35 bucks a month and SiteGround if you’re on a budget.

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WP Engine Website


Onwards to our full WP Engine review…

Considering the premium cost, is WP Engine WordPress hosting really worth the investment? If you want absolute best-in-class performance, super fast page load speed, excellent customer support, and completely managed WordPress hosting, then look no further because WP Engine is for you.

Continue reading to find out exactly why WP Engine is worth every penny and is the #1 BEST WordPress hosting for 2018.


WP Engine WordPress Hosting Logo


About WP Engine

Founded in 2010, WP Engine is a relatively new web hosting provider, but they have taken the hosting world by storm wasting no time in earning a stellar five-star reputation.

WP Engine’s founder and entrepreneur Jason Cohen launched WP Engine when he realized a need for specialized WordPress hosting due to it’s rising popularity and demand.

Their headquarters are located in Austin, Texas and employ more than 400 people. WP Engine consistently contributes to the WordPress community and has truly positioned itself as a leader in the web hosting space.

WP Engine is a premium and cutting-edge WordPress hosting. Their hosting plans provide blazing fast and robust servers that deliver top-notch performance without breaking a sweat.

Security is a top priority, WP Engine basically makes your website hacker proof with state-of-the-art technologies. Coupled with outstanding customer service to make your site secure.

Rest assured, WP Engine is a completely managed platform meaning they take care of every aspect of your WordPress website. WP Engine has you covered with automatic WordPress updates, secure daily backups, one-click restore points, super fast caching, solid security, and more.

It’s like having an army of WordPress experts by your side.


WP Engine Pricing Plans


WP Engine Hosting Plans & Pricing

Let’s take a look at the five different WP Engine hosting plans that are available: Personal, Professional, Business, Premium, and Enterprise.

The plans differ based on:

  • Number of WordPress installs.
  • Traffic volume (number of visitors per month).
  • Storage amount.

Custom server environments are included with higher-tier Premium and Enterprise plans.

In our WP Engine review, we discovered that WP Engine offers the most advanced and comprehensive WordPress hosting service on the market.


WP Engine Performance Testing


WP Engine Performance Tests

iGrowthHacker readers trust our reviews because we only recommend products and services that we have used ourselves. We have signed up for each top WordPress hosting provider to run our own tests.

For the sake of this review, we went ahead and created a WordPress website on WP Engine hosting. We used Divi by Elegant Themes and included some placeholder data such as text and images.

Our test site was designed to look and behaved as an average WordPress website.


WP Engine Speed Test


WP Engine Speed

After setting up our new WordPress site, we ran speed tests using Pingdom, GT Metrix, and Google PageSpeed tools. We wanted to check the speed of our website on WP Engine servers.

The results were astonishing! We scored a 93/100 performance grade on Pingdom with a lightning-quick 500ms page load time. Our page size at the time of testing was 685 KB in size.

Pingdom informed us that our website loaded faster than 95% of tested sites. And mind you, this was before implementing any further performance optimizations. Amazing!


WP Engine Server Load Test


WP Engine Load Impact

Following the speed test, we wanted to find out how WP Engine servers respond to high traffic. So we ran a Load Impact test to measure this. We simulated up to 150 unique website visitors at once to see how the server would react.

Our test website performed really well up to 100 users, after that it started to slow down just a bit, but still managed to outperform any web host we’ve tested overall. Impressive!


WP Engine Server Response Time


WP Engine Server Response Time

Now that we tested the server speed and load impact, it’s time to check out WP Engine’s server response time. For the purpose of this review we ran the test from different geographic regions.

Fortunately, WP Engine’s server response time was snappy and remained steady at less than half a second across all geographic regions. We found especially high-performance from the United States.


WP Engine Caching and CDN


Caching & CDN

WP Engine turbocharges your WordPress website with built-in caching and CDN (Content Delivery Network) through a partnership with NetDNA.

It’s all set up and taken care of for you behind the scenes and makes a huge impact on further boosting your website speed.

Caching is included as a standard in all plans. And it’s fast!

Customers with the Personal plan can gain access to the CDN for an additional $19.95 per month. Meanwhile, for Professional and Business plan customers, the CDN is included for free.

CDN is a network of servers around the globe that deliver your website’s content from locations that are closest to your visitors at that moment, rendering even faster page load speeds. It’s like WordPress hosting on steroids!

Premium and Enterprise customers get the first 1000 GB of CDN free, after that it costs an additional $0.12/GB.

Realistically, unless you have a massive website and audience, you shouldn’t really expect to incur any overage charges. No worries!

Click the following link to get WP Engine WordPress hosting now for as little as $35 a month.


WP Engine Server Security


Advanced Security Features

Right out of the box, WP Engine includes some premium security features. Besides automatic updates, they have an intrusion prevention system to block any DDoS, brute force, or JavaScript/SQL-injection attacks from hackers.

If you’re concerned about security, don’t be. WP Engine casts a pretty wide security blanket security over your site. And in that rare case a hacker does manage to access your systems, WP Engine guarantees to fix it for free.


WP Engine Customer Support


Customer Service & Support

As a WP Engine customer, you are backed by a support team of over 100 WordPress experts. With an average of 97% customer satisfaction based on thousands of real customer interactions.

Premium support is available 24/7 to all customers. If your issue can’t be resolved via live chat or phone, the WP Engine help staff will create an internal support ticket and take care of any issues for you.

WP Engine works hard to continually improve their WordPress hosting and your customer experience. They are one of the leading companies paving the way to the future of WordPress with constant innovation.


WP Engine Pros And Cons


Pros & Cons

WP Engine is an awesome WordPress hosting provider, but it may not be for everyone. Consider a few pros and cons before you choose a plan.


  • Super fast page load speeds – Mark my words, you are not going to find a faster WordPress host anywhere on the market.
  • Servers are specially optimized for WordPress, everything is cached perfectly, and you have CDN capabilities built-in.
  • Server reliability – WP Engine’s systems have no problem handling high volume traffic spikes with little to no negative affect on your site.
  • Security – WP Engine offers enterprise-grade protection for your website and their own data servers.
  • Expert WordPress support – From our experience, WP Engine’s customer support staff consists of well-trained WordPress experts that are super helpful and friendly.
  • Customer satisfaction – WP Engine is an very popular WordPress hosting provider that has received fantastic reviews from actual customers for their performance, reliability, and customer support.


  • WP Engine doesn’t allow you to install certain WordPress plugins if they conflict with some of WP Engine’s key features. This may include some caching and backup tools you may or may not use. This is because WP Engine already has the proper systems in place for that. We haven’t noticed any compatibility issues from the plugins we tested.
  • WP Engine only provides WordPress hosting, they do not offer domain registrations. You will need to register your domain names with another company, such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc and then point it to WP Engine’s servers. It’s really easy and WP Engine does a great job of providing step by step documentation on how to do this.
  • Higher costs – When comparing the price of WP Engine to other shared WordPress hosting companies, WP Engine is more expensive. However, the services they offer are well-worth your investment.


WP Engine Satisfaction Guarantee


Money Back Guarantee

WP Engine is confident they are the best WordPress host out there. But if you are unhappy or have second thoughts for any reason, they offer a generous 60 day money back guarantee. Simply cancel your account within the first 60 days to receive a 100% refund.

This way you get to try the best WordPress hosting service on the market and if you decide it’s not for you, no harm done!

Supercharge your WordPress website with WP Engine. Plans start at $35/month.

Or check out SiteGround if you need the best WordPress hosting on a budget. SiteGround plans start at only $3.95/month. We currently use SiteGround for our own website, iGrowthHacker. It works phenomenally for us and we would recommend it as a cheaper web host for most websites.

Read our full SiteGround Review to learn more about the best budget WordPress hosting.


Thanks for reading our WP Engine review for 2018. We hope you gained some value from it. What are your thoughts on WP Engine? Do you think WP Engine is the best premium WordPress hosting provider?

Comment down below to let us know. And don’t forget to share! 🙂


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