How To Make A WordPress Website In 2018 – The Beginner’s Guide

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The game has changed. These are NOT your grandfather’s tools.

If you want to make a WordPress website in 2018, I’ve got news for you: It’s dead simple! Never has it been easier to put together a great looking WP site without touching a single line of code. And gone are the days of having to spend thousands of dollars on hiring a developer (unless you can swing it, then more power to you).

Let’s jump right in! Today I’ll be teaching you step by step how we make WordPress websites and share the exact tools you can use to do it yourself.

The tools I’m going to suggest are ones we personally use to build and grow our own website. I’ll start by summing up the 4 simple steps to making a WordPress website from scratch and then elaborate on each step further into the article.


Here are the 4 easy we use to create a new WordPress website:

  1. Get a domain name and hosting
  2. Setup WordPress
  3. Install a WordPress theme
  4. Install plugins


And it’s simple as that, you guys. In just 4 steps, you have everything you need to start designing your website.

Now let’s talk about the specific products and services we are going to be using to make this project come to life. We are only going to list tools we use and swear by for our own website.

We have experimented with many products and services over the years and found the following tools to be some of the best for us. Your needs may vary, so please do explore your options before buying any of our recommended products or services.


The tools that we’re going to be using in this tutorial are:

Those are the exact tools we used to build our own website, iGrowthHacker. Let’s begin our tutorial. We’re going to break down it down step by step. Read on…


Buying A Domain Name

The first step is buying a domain for your new website. Personally, registered our domain name from SiteGround when we set up hosting. You can also use GoDaddy or any domain registrar you prefer. We chose SiteGround because of their excellent service, support, and intuitive user friendly interface.

GoDaddy is a great place to snag a domain name but we DO NOT recommend their web hosting. We’ve had some bad experiences with slow page load speeds and server outages with GoDaddy before switching our host to SiteGround. For hosting? Go with SiteGround! You’ll be glad you did.

Got your domain name ready? Awesome, let’s move onto the next step.


Setting Up Hosting

SiteGround is hands down the best budget web host on the market. We currently use SiteGround’s “GrowBig” plan to host our own website. You get the most bang for your buck with SiteGround.

On the other hand, if you want the best premium WordPress hosting, check out WP Engine. Also be sure to read our full in-depth WP Engine review. WP Engine is like having WordPress on steroids!

For the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to be sticking with SiteGround as an example.

SiteGround’s web hosting services trumps GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, etc. Their servers deliver blazing fast website loading speeds, rock solid reliability, and are backed by one of the best customer support staffs in the industry.

Before we proceed, I want to stress the importance of choosing a quality web host. You do NOT want to skimp on web hosting because it will come back to haunt you, trust me.

We’ve dealt with our fair share of headaches with other hosting platforms when building iGrowthHacker. Switching our web host to SiteGround was easily one of the best decisions for our website. And I can say with confidence that SiteGround is going to be the best web host for most websites, especially if you want great performance on a budget.

Go ahead and pick the plan that best suits your needs. I’d suggest getting at least their mid-tier “GrowBig” plan. That’s the one we use for our site. It’s loaded with some really great features! Plus you get a huge discount for becoming a new SiteGround customer.

Click here to read our full in-depth SiteGround review for 2018 to see why it’s likely the best choice for your WordPress website.


Installing WordPress

I remember the days installing WordPress was a real struggle. You had to manually install the WP file structure on your host through FTP. Luckily, those days are gone. With SiteGround, installing WordPress can be done with the click of a button. When I started out, I used to wish we had the tools we have today.

Once you set up your SiteGround hosting account, add your new domain name to SiteGround as your primary account domain. It will ask you this during the initial setup of your account.

If you registered your domain outside of SiteGround, you will need to login to your domain name cPanel and point your domain’s DNS servers to SiteGround’s IP which you can find in your SiteGround admin panel. This step may seem a bit tricky at first but is actually very simple once you get there, trust me.

Finally, use SiteGround’s built-in tool to one-click install WordPress on your new server. Simple as that! You can find this handy WordPress Installer in the admin tools of your SiteGround hosting account.

WordPress is installed. You can now access your WordPress admin panel two ways:

  1. From
  2. From SiteGround’s admin tools


Installing a WordPress Theme

At this stage, you’ve already got your website’s domain and hosting, and WordPress freshly installed. Congrats, the backbone of your website is complete. Now it’s time to dig into the nitty gritty and actually build out your site. Get excited, cause the actual design process is one of the most fun and rewarding task during the whole project.

You can go with any number of free WordPress themes on the market, some are actually really great! Or, you can invest in a premium theme.

When people ask us which WordPress theme we can recommend? We say Divi by Elegant Themes. iGrowthHacker was built from the ground up using Divi and quite honestly, we couldn’t live without it.

Divi by Elegant Themes is what made it possible to transform our thoughts and visions into reality with COMPLETE control over every minuscule detail of our website.

We’re actually in the process of writing a full review for the Divi theme. There are too many cool features to list here, but feel free to check them out for yourself: Divi by Elegant Themes.

One feature I would like to point out, is the awesome visual editor that lets you build out your entire website intuitively on the fly from the front end of your pages. It’s magic.

Seriously, you need to see it in action! As a website designer/developer, it will make your life so much easier.

To install Divi, you must first purchase and download it from Elegant Themes. Once the download is complete, go into your WordPress admin > appearance > themes > add new > and upload the .zip file you downloaded.

Finally go into your themes and activate Divi as your live published theme. From there, you can go through Divi’s settings and basic customization options. When you’ve configured everything to satisfaction, start creating and designing your actual pages such as Home, About Us, Contact, Products, Blog, etc.

Take advantage and make use of Divi’s awesome visual builder and modules to create a beautiful and professional website.


Installing Plugins

Once you finished configuring your WordPress theme, it’s time to install a few plugins to further enhance your website without touching a single line of code. As a bonus to purchasing the Divi Theme, you also gain access to all of the Elegant Themes premium plugins at no extra cost.

Two that we love and recommend using on your own website:

1. Monarch – An amazing social sharing plugin

2. Bloom – An awesome email subscriber plugin

At this point, you can also explore the plethora of other high quality free and premium plugins for WordPress by going to your WordPress admin > plugins > add new plugins. Browse away! We’re also working on a new article that will feature the best free and premium WordPress plugins, coming soon…

For your reference, we’ve included a handy list of links to each one of the tools mentioned in this article. We encourage you to visit each one to see their full set of features. We’ve also looked up the best deals. Here they are:

  • SiteGround – The best WordPress hosting starting at just $3.95 a month.
  • Divi by Elegant Themes – The most powerful theme engine on the market for $89 a year.


To conclude, by the time you complete this tutorial:

You have a domain name setup with one of the best web hosting providers on the market with SiteGround, and a state of the art WordPress theme, Divi by Elegant Themes. Now you’re ready to tackle your new web design project with a small arsenal of super powerful weapons.

Time to get creative and build the next BIG thing! We know you can do it.


Thanks for reading our guide on how to make a WordPress website in 2018. We hope you gained some value from it. Any questions?

Comment down below to let us know. And don’t forget to share! 🙂

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