How To Dropship From Amazon To Shopify Or WooCommerce In 2018

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We are going to teach you how to use Amazon as a dropshipping source for your online store. By the end of this guide, you will learn how you can tap into the world’s largest online product catalog, Amazon. Leveraging this tactic properly unlocks the ability to populate your ecommerce website with some of the best products in the world from all the leading brands. That’s powerful stuff!

It’s surprising more entrepreneurs are not taking advantage of this method. Maybe because they are not even aware of it in the first place. That’s because technically it doesn’t exist. There is no direct dropshipping feature or option offered by Amazon, but there is a clever workaround.

Keep reading and follow along because you are just a few simple steps away from an Aha! moment.

Let’s begin!


1. First and foremost, you need a website. Obviously.

2. And an Amazon account. Let’s assume you already have one.

3. Browse around various Amazon product categories while brainstorming your niche.

4. Make a Shopping List on Amazon and add the desired products your want listed in your store. MAKE SURE all the products you list are labeled as PRIME. Meaning the product lives in an Amazon warehouse and is fulfilled by Amazon.

5. Add the products to your store manually along with product images, descriptions, etc.

6. Mark up the product price to a point you feel delivers a healthy profit margin with room to cover advertising cost to acquire customers.

7. Run paid traffic advertisement campaigns via Facebook, Google Adwords, and Instagram Influencers.

8. When you get a sale, go to Amazon and order that same item for your customer.

9. When placing an order, make sure to “order as gift” by checking off the box in your shopping cart. This removes the price you payed from your customer’s invoice. You can even add a little personalized note from your store.

10. Use your own billing address and information. For the shipping information, put your customers address where you want the package delivered. Amazon will send the product directly to your customer without you ever seeing it.

Rinse and repeat steps 7 through 10 while collecting your profits.


Pro Tips:

  • While you want to make sure all the products you choose to list on your online store from Amazon are Prime, do not, I repeat do not use your Amazon Prime Membership to abuse the free two day shipping. That is directly against Amazon policy and may result in termination of your Amazon account. Simply pay for shipping yourself (about $5 – $7 will cover most orders) and offset the cost by charging your customer shipping on your own shop.
  • If you’re concerned whether or not your customer will receive an Amazon branded box, they will. The majority of consumers are fully aware of the dropshipping concept and don’t really care as long as they received their product. And if you include a personalized note on the gift invoice that mentions your brand, nine times out of ten the customer will assume your online business simply sells on Amazon too as so many other companies do.


Thanks for reading our guide on how to drop ship from Amazon to your own e-commerce website. We hope you gained some value from it. Do you have any thoughts or questions about our Amazon dropshipping method?

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